About me

I'm Amy and I am forever grateful to live near the seaside in Whitby, with my soulmate, Paul. When I haven't got a camera in front of me, I love nothing more than wandering along the local shores beach-combing whilst soaking up the salty air. I bring the treasures I find home and work my magic on them in my workshop in meditation, channeling my inner jeweller. You can see what is produced from this alchemy here at Whitby Seaglass

My life has been one of immense twists and turns and has been far from perfect - hasn't everyones? - but I don't want to live perfectly. I love authentic, raw and real people and I'm pleased to be one. Since being a child I have lived a life in tune with spirit. I have recieved visions to help me along my path from my spirit guides - I haven't always listened, as I didn't quite realise what was going on. I have been directed towards many people who turned out to be huge influences in my life. Some good, some bad, but all came with a lesson attached. I love learning and I'm constantly reading about anything from astrology to guerilla marketing. Stereotypically, I do love crystals, oils and tarot decks, but don't try to pigeonhole this phoenix!


I love to forage food as well as grow it in my garden. It has taken a lot of effort, but reaped so many rewards, and I urge you to go and plant something now to enjoy in years to come. I make my own sage smudge sticks from a little potted sage plant I bought in B&M 5 years ago. I have journeyed with a few plant medicines, but my very latest is with the beautiful mamma cacao, which is why I'm here and no longer photographing weddings. My journey with cacao started a year ago and since then, I have had the layers of societies expectations peeled away from me and can finally be who I came here to be.

As you can probably tell, I like to keep busy doing what I love. Life is too short to do anything else right? And if you aren't following your soul's calling then I know plenty of women who can help empower you on your journey, because sisterhood is the best lift you will get in life. Below are more gorgeous priestesses, mystics and healers who have helped me on my path and also some other goddesses who I have encountered along the way.

I have had the pleasure of attending on online 'Gather The Women' thanks to the Menopause Rockstar Mairi Taylor. She held an amazing space for us to connect with the girls we used to be, the women we are now and the women we are yet to become. 

I was also introduced to another wise medicine woman and author, Lynette Allen's work as she kindly gifted her Woman's Blessing Books on the 'Oh My Goddess Retreat', I use these daily in my morning ritual, which also involvesAndrea Jackson's Spiritdance sessions - these are a fantastic way to start your day.

Also shout out to some other beautiful women and their businesses:

My amazing, eldest daughter Olivia-Grace, who at just 20 is self-employed as a fantastic creative hair dresser.

My lovely sister who puts up with my equally lovely brother, Charlotte Gallagher Nail Artist.

Hannah Thompson - she may do jewellery and with sea glass, but she is my dear sister, friend and NOT my competition check her out at Sea Scorceress.

Natalie Hartley - a sister, a friend and an author currently writing a children's novel very soon to be published.

                                                                        AMY X



My fellow spiritdance tribe and cacao trainees:

Julie Keen Sound Therapies Unbound.

Sarah Nicholson Explore Discover.

Amanda Kitchen Pura Vida Holistic Therapies.

Sharon Ann Thomas Rebalance Holistic Therapy & Training Academy.

Sarah Johnston Sarah Johnston Consultancy Ltd.

Anna Semlyn 20's Plenty For Us Campaign Manager and Anna's Authentic Arts.

Bridget Bernadette Karn Artist.

Nikki Thomas Sterndale Om 2 Zen.

Lou Moore Gather With Lou.

Alison Jacobs Lotus Well Being.

Sarah Honeysmith WildMamaRose.

Ann Ball Guru Holistics.

Christina Kane Together We Rise.

My lovely sisters from my first spirit teacher Betty Wilson's tribe:

Madeliene Black Speaker & Author Broken.

Diana Tyson Natural Transformation Therapy.