About me

I'm Amy and I am forever grateful to live near the seaside in Whitby, with my soulmate, Paul. When I haven't got a camera in front of me, I love nothing more than wandering along the local shores beach-combing whilst soaking up the salty air. I bring the treasures I find home and work my magic on them in my workshop in meditation, channeling my inner jeweller. You can see what is produced from this alchemy here at Whitby Seaglass

I'm a fully qualified cacao carrier and host women's circles on the beach and in nature Whitby Wild Women. I love learning and I'm constantly reading about anything from astrology to guerilla marketing. I do love crystals, oils and tarot decks. I like foraging for food as well as grow it in my garden.

As you can probably tell, I like to keep busy doing what I love. Life is too short to do anything else right? If you aren't following your soul's calling then I know plenty of women who can help empower you on your journey, because sisterhood is the best lift you will get in life.

Here is a list of websites I have contributed to the photography for:

Autumn Blossoms Emily Catherine Webster.

Unbound Julie Keen.

Star Angel Temple Kelly Ann Head.

Oh My Goddess Nicky Hollins.

Gather With Lou Lou Moore. 

Radiant Woman Andrea Jackson.

WildMamaRose Sarah Honeysmith.

Queen Of My Needle Lee Ronald.

Below are some other gorgeous women's businesses because when women support each other magic happens!


Charlotte Gallagher Nail Artist 

Sea Scorceress 

Shepherd's Purse

 Lynette Allen 

Nicky's Noo Noo's

The Healing Touch

The Menapause Rockstar

Pura Vida Holistic Therapies

Rebalance Holistic Therapy & Training Academy

20's Plenty For Us

Anna's Authentic Arts 

Bridget Bernadette Karn

                               AMY X